Le Fornaci

Type Residential

Location Bellegra, Italy

Client Private Client

Year 2014


The project is the redevelopment of a country side ruin abandoned for several years which was used as a building support of a furnace in the past. The building was used both as a temporary accommodation of the staff and as a school and place of training.
As the static structural parts were severely compromised, it was decided to demolish the existing and rebuild it respecting the original floor plan, in order to be able to consider it a refurbishment.

The proposal focused on the characterization of the main elevation of the cottage, by opening up the entire wall of the living room that merges with a large terrace, trying to eliminate the barriers between inside and outside, inviting as well the view to become integral part of the internal environment.
The window layout follows the slope of the pitched roof and frames the view toward the natural landscape.

The interior is made cozy by a large local stone fireplace finished with reused beams elements, previously belonged to the roof structure of the existing building.
To maximize the space on the top floor, the proposed solution was both functional and innovative.
To add square meters to one of the bedrooms, the bed and the wardrobe have been integrated to the masonry walls that surround the room, separating it from the stair.
Special attention has been paid to the materials used for the finishes. In particular to confere strong and different identities to the bathrooms as well as to define a bespoke design to the kitchenette. Handmade tiles decorated with olive leaves are inspired by the surrounding vegetation. The kitchenette finishes are in continuity with the livingroom materials to establish a visual relationship between the two spaces. This approach responds to a contemporary need of integrating the kitchen use to the main house activity.